I’m Bethan Davies

Personal Trainer and Online health and fitness coach. 


Here to help you reach your fitness and health goals, through two carefully created packages.

Silver Package - Group COACHING

• Streamed workouts  that are recorded for you to exercise around your current schedule and lifestyle.
• Nutrition guidance
• Fortnightly check in with your trainer
• Bethandaviesfitnessfam – A support group of like minded women.

• Group coaching


Gold Package - Elite Fitness Plan

• A bespoke  easy to follow training plan designed for YOU and YOUR goals.
• Streamed recorded workouts to fit around your schedule
• Nutritional goal setting and advice
• User friendly BDF App -to track progress and offer high impact coaching and support.

• 1-2-1 Coaching.

• Group coaching

• Bethandaviesfitnessfam – A support group of like minded women.

Why my packages work

Both the silver and gold packages enable you to exercise in whatever environment you choose at whatever time that is convenient for you. Giving you far more flexibility and yet having the accountability of working closely with your trainer. Working independently and yet also feeling part of a community – a fitness family

About Me… My Story

I am a highly driven and motivated person, but I haven’t always been so. I have seen exercise change far more than my physical fitness or my aesthetics but it’s changed my life in many ways.

Exercise has empowered me, it’s given me faith in my abilities and in my inner strength. It has had positive affect on my life overall and I made the decision I wanted to help others – to help you, to break the cycle that so many of us women fall into, endless diets, exercise fads, and the constant feeling we are not good enough. Having being there myself and working firstly on myself for many years and then successfully with many clients, I feel that I am the perfect trainer to help and encourage other men and women with their mindset and their relationships with exercise and with food and ultimately with themselves.cI am a mum of four and I’m also a pre and postnatal instructor, so I am able to relate to you if you are going through some of the huge changes that pregnancy brings, I had my last baby at 43 and exercised throughout my pregnancy so I have invaluable personal experience as well as the necessary qualifications.

Silver – 6 Week Plan

Follow through training sessions, access to our members only area, and supportive Facebook group. 

The exercises can be progressed or modified to suit your capabilities. 

Nutrition guidance, and meal planning advice. 

Fortnightly check ins. 


Gold – 6 Week Plan

Online Personal training with a 1-2-1 style, this is a tailored package, offering  a personalised training program.  

Access to our Facebook group as well as a specially designed Gold App to track progress. 

This package offers 1-2-1 support. 


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Emma Rose Bates

In lockdown I had my three children around me all of the time and trying to run a business from home too! without Bethans programme I honestly believe I would have struggled through this time. Having the community of people around me and Bethan being such a great support, I found her sessions an amazing escape from everything going on and gave me that time for just me.

I am coming out of the pandemic fitter than I have ever been and feeling confident in my own skin, with a positive attitude towards health and fitness!

I honestly never want to leave, its my lifestyle now and I just LOVE it!

Mel Pugh

I signed up with Bethan for her online package just before lockdown. This has seen many people and businesses forced to change the way they deliver their service and Bethan did not disappoint! 

Living over a hour away the online course is a perfect solution for me to work with Bethan and over the last few months has adapted to provide the very best service to clients like myself. 

Bethan is the 100 percent the best person to help me reach my fitness goals. 

If your hesitant about online training then don’t be there are a choice of programmes which can be tailored to your ability, needs and budget and you won’t feel alone, with the support and encouragement and interaction you receive from Bethan but from the whole community of like minded men and women. 

Laura Chapman

Starting with Beth is one of the best things I’ve done. I feel the best that I have ever felt in myself since having two children. I love having the amazing workouts to do at home when it’s convenient for me. 

Beth is so approachable and supportive and also knows when to give you a good pep talk! Exactly what you want in a trainer. 

Want to get started?

Everyone exercises for different reasons, and while I love sharing testimonials from my clients, I know that your motivations might be different to the examples on my website. We focus on exercise, healthy nutrition and your reasons for being a part of Bethan Davies Fitness Family. Find out more in the FAQs, or get in touch with me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it involve?

I will be there to help support and encourage, I’ll be there to deliver live follow through sessions but when doing the training plans some level of adherence is needed even with total support from myself. You have to want some level of change for you to achieve it.

When doing the silver plan does that mean I exercise in a group?

Although the sessions are held or the whole community they are performed wherever works for you, this meaning you can ensure a safe and convenient work out space without feeling nervous but with the knowledge you are not alone! ❤️

What if I have a celebration/holiday coming up?

The beauty of this programme is it is created to add flexibility around your lifestyle and allow you to have birthday celebrations or a night out and still achieve results.

Can I do this programme if I’m Pre/postnatal?

I am a pre and postnatal coach but everybody’s pregnancy is different, so please contact me before joining up.

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