There is so many diets and fads out there it can be easy to become quickly confused about how to lose body fat and what method to take.

Theres many ways to lose fat but many are methods are just not sustainable long term.;

Heres five simple tips to help you lose fat



None exercise thermogenisis – this is burning energy through spontaneous physical activity


– aim to increase your day to day movements and edge away from prolonged sedetary behaviours.


standing, fidgiting, making a cup of tea, or tidying up after your children/partner etc



Exercise activity thermogensis


aim to go on a targeted daily walk even 10 min blocks x 3 or a full thirty min walk this will help you meet exercise guidelines and increase your tdee. your total daily energy expenditure.

Do some targeted exercise – BDF sessions, swim, run, or walk whatever works for you.





Not getting enough sleep is linked to a higher body mass index (BMI) and weight gain

Heres a example of a recent Study  showing that sleep doesnt contribute to a higher obesity risk with individuals that slept 7-9 hours per night.

Getting less sleep can impact our mood, our appitite and the decisions we make .

Being sleep deprived can increase hunger, increase your portion sizes and increase the amount of sugary or fatty foods youu consume. (study on this here

Increase fibre

soluable fibre will help to decrease your appetite it also helps to slow down digestion in your gut and helps give a greater level of satiety

non soluable fibre

add bulk to your diet and help to fill you and your plate without adding loys of extra calories.

Drink more water

ladies aim to drink 1.5-2 litres per day.

Reduce stress

Cortisol in the right amounts does grreat things

  • Suppressing inflammation.
  • Regulating blood sugar.
  • Helping control your sleep-wake cycle.

If its too high though and yoiur stress levels will eklevate this hormone

It can slow down your metabolism as your body tries to reduce stress to your body and skow everything down to promote survival.

Its catabolic not anabolic and can break down proteins to use as energy – we want to preserve lean mass.

It breaks down to help promote gluconeogenesis,- your body tries to help reduce stress by working cataboliclly.

To reduce cortisol

• Plan ahead – it will make things easier

• Exercise to de stress rather than eat!

• Talk about your problems and dont be afraid to takle them

• try a pilates to help aid in breathwork and mindfulness

• Pilates also helps to tap into the parasympathetic system meaning you feel less stress, your heart rate reduces, and you can give your nervous system a break.


If you have found this helpful take the next step and join us within the fitfam to make the change today!