Can I do this programme if I’m Pre/postnatal?

I am a pre and postnatal coach but everybody’s pregnancy is different, so please contact me before joining up. I do have four children!

What if I have a celebration/holiday coming up?

The beauty of this programme is it is created to add flexibility around your lifestyle and allow you to have birthday celebrations or a night out and still achieve results.

What does it involve?

I will be there to help support and encourage, I’ll be there to deliver follow through sessions but when doing either training plans some level of adherence is needed even with total support from myself. You have to be committed to want change for you to achieve it.

When doing the silver plan does that mean I exercise in a group?

No –  they are performed wherever works for you, You can exercise in your pjs if you want to, or first thing in the morning or last thing at night but the community aspect and following my sessions will allow you to gain confidence in your abilities and feel supported by the group andof course by myself. ❤️

Got a question that isn’t listed above? Just get in touch with me via the Contact page and I’ll help!