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10 healthy foods i would limit

1 – Nuts, they are great in small amounts but contain a lot of fat and therefore a lot of calories.

2 Granola – they can be really high in calories with a mixture carbs, fats and nuts and added sugars fruit or even chocolate. Weigh 40 g and see how little you get, chances are your eating 3 x the cals listed on the back of the packet.

3 Dried fruits, they can be super high in sugar and calories. Go for a fresh or frozen (takes mins to thaw) fruit but be mindful of the portion sizes of dried fruit.

4 Protein bars and mousses- they are a great on the run treat a treat or if you fancy something sweet but they can sometimes have high sugar and be highly palatable and enhance our sweet tooth, ones ok but be mindful of the quantity you have.

5 Low fat foods – often for it to taste nice they substitute the fat with sugars or other sweeteners. Low fat greek yogurt can be ok but be mindful of flavoured yogurts and bars.

6. Honey – honey is great for us but its high in calories so watch your portion sizes

7 Full fat milk – coffees with full fat milk and syrups can be as much calories as a meal and while full fat milk isn’t bad if you are in a deficit semi skimmed may be a better option.

8 Oat milk is my favourite for coffees, but I have to limit to just one a day for me as the calorie intake on milk alternatives is also relevent

9 Fruit juices or smoothies – the quick intake and lack of fibre means our blood sugar levels spike and the smoothies give us a less satiated feeling, Add in some protein powder or oats, to help fill you up but avoid intaking all your fruit as liquids.

10 Cheese – again the high fat content and the lovely flavour can mean we over consume and pair with processed carbs such as white bread, breadsticks or crackers and they often yield more calories than we think due to the high fat content even though it can be a good source of protein be aware especially of cheesy creamy sauces, go for low fat cream cheese as a alternative.

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