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5 tips to help promote fat loss

Here’s five things that will help you lose body fat.

1.Read labels

Compare brands, check sugar, fat and protein and aim to go for brands with less sugar and more protein.

A label may say low fat but they are high in sugar, find food you enjoy but make swaps on certain items

eg – protein yogurt over low fat yogurt or diet Coke over full fat, greek yogurt instead of mayo

2.Have non scale victories in play too

See on how clothes fit you as a guide and to gauge if you feel more confident.

Take photos – images are a great way to recognise fat loss. look back to see progress.

Set Performance led goals – perhaps 5, 10 , 20 , 30 press ups or moving to a black band or heavier Dumbell. but celebrate and track progress.

Has your mental health improved?

Do you have more energy?

Do you feel stronger?

3.Eat adequate protein

It will increase your TEF -essentially this means it ill take more energy to digest and it will increase your level of satiety.

Studies have shown by eating a high protein diet (variable sources) it poses a lower risk to obesity in the general population.

4.Get enough sleep

Your more prone to make suboptimal decisions with food or binge eat when your tired.it can affect the times you eat, the amount and the foods you consume.

Aim to hit 7 hours a night.

The flow chart below shows clearly lack of sleep can contribute to

Increased stress – cortisol.

Increased hunger – ghrelin response raised and leptin lowered

Increased sympathetic activity and increased low density lipids. – increased risk to cardiovascular disease.

And then obesity to a lack of sleep.

Aim to work on the environmental factors so

• Less blue screen at night

• Bed at similar times

• Exercise to help promote sleep

• Limit stimulants, coffee, energy drinks, wine.

8 Creating a bedtime routine

• Get up similar times – avoid constantly snoozing.

• Avoid big meals late at night

• Sleep in as comfortable room as possible.


5.Wait 20 mins before eating more

The receptors in our mouth will send messages to you regarding eating – yum, I want more, that tasted great Thant kind of thing.

but we need that food to hit into our gut for our body to release the satiety signal that we are full.

chewing the food slowly will help you to enjoy it, your body extracts glucose from food from about 5-20 mins after eating so youll feel a lovely feeling if you were hungry and you tuck into your dinner but this can take up to 20 mins so dont rush to eat more before allowing your body to recognise its full.



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