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Ankle mobility

Ankle mobility is often overlooked but can cause havoc if we lose sufficient mobility, and we tend to do this more and more as we age.

Ankle mobility is determined by the flexibility of the ankle joint and its surrounding muscles and tendons.

Things that can affect ankle mobility is prolonged use of high heels or joint issues from perhaps a bad fall or lack of flexibility in the calf and hamstring.

The ankle should be able to move your foot in all directions,

Inversion – inverting the foot inwards

Eversion – everting the foot outwards

Dorsi flexion – heel to floor and toe to face

Plantar flexion – toe to floor and heel to face.

To support the body we need to have a stable and flexible joint to be able to run, jump, kick, squat or deadlift.

When walking foor instance the force on the ankle increases to x 5 times while in running its x 13 times, even at rest the ankle supports the body and aids in balance. Like foundations, if they aren’t dug deep enough they can cause issues to the structure above.

If we increase our hip and ankle mobility it will help improve depth, and reduce the risk of our posture or spinal column triggered from tight hamstrings and calves,

There’s reasons for it becoming more problematic

Too much to soon – going from 1 k to 10 k perhaps

Pre existing conditions like osteoarthritis

Muscle imbalances

Age – we can find we over pronate as we get older

Poor fitting footwear

Lack of flexibility and strength in the muscles surrounding the ankle and the ligaments and tendons.

Do you find your ankle lifts on the ankle mobility test (see this mornings 5 min add on session)

Or on squats?

Try picking up a tissue with your toe!

Try foam rolling under the foot!

Foam rolling and stretching the calf.

strengthen –

Squats, pilates pedals, one leg raises, lunges, overhead squat…

you triggered on yet that I have factored all this in?

Also, hip circles, ankle circles, step calf stretch

But focus on strengthening as well as mobilising especially if your hyper mobile as lack of mobility won’t be your issue. Imbalances and moving patterns may well be. But strengthening will help that tight feeling as well as the stretching you crave.

If you do struggle with mobility invest in wedges (small) or little weight plates to elevate the heel and help support the ankle and increase rom

id recommend something like this

Otherwise try elevating your heel on your mat.

let me know if you found this useful

love B

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