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FACEBOOK groups – what, why, how,


We have voted numerous times since starting BDF and the majority of people prefer to connect to each other through FACEBOOK this is due to the fact many people use it anyway. However I may well change this in the future but for now we connect to each other through PRIVATE GROUPS

When it comes to Facebook it’s ruled by algorithms so if you dont check into the pages they won’t pop into your feed, use it or lose it! It just means youll have to actively search for the name of the groups, if you like or comment then youll be more likely to see posts but you can also change the settings see here

1 – The information hub– If Im going to post it will be there.

This includes – events – in person sessions and perhaps walks we have planned they will be found pinned in features

Ill also share links or let you know if ive added a article or podcast.

As well as weekly challenges we may be doing.

2 – The Community page

talk to others, inspire, motivate and reach out for help or share a recipe

support anf friendship from like minded women.


Find the live stream or recorded sessions here this is for those that prefer Facebook to YouTube.

see events pop up for the following day – perhaps click on that youll be attending!


one of these sessions is done by bronze members hence the separate group but you can do 3 sessions of these a week as a bolt on or if your main session just isn’t happening – 5 mins is better than 0.

The website

Find help on what to cook, silver members may utilise the tdee calculator or find past workouts in a easy way, sorted by date ad with a filter so you can search for a Pilates session or strength session to do if perhaps you dont feel like this weeks HIIT.

Find access to the private stream for you tube – both Facebook and YouTube streams are private and just for members hence why they are password protected or you are required to log in,

Listen to podcasts, find articles written by me weekly to help you get the best out of things

I will be adding videos too soon so you can see me that way if that’s what you prefer.

Have a look around and please recommend anything you’d like to see here

You dont need Facebook but you won’t get to know the members without it but if you prefer just the website that’s ok

What’s app

gold members can use what’s app too but they have access to me 24/7 on the gold BDF APP (only for gold members) check in will come via email as will some challenges we are doing etc (check your junk box if you can’t find me – and not on your phone but you may need to use your pc) but its fortnightly – check your emails if your not sure what week we are on!

still can’t find the email – reach out to Beth she will help!


All emails to me please to support@bethandaviesfitness.com this includes your cancellation – remember its 14 days cancellation notice (week 4) and to avoid me not seeing it before then and for a paper trail for you please email it ❤️

Emails sent to me for private questions you’d like me to cover to this address too please 💪


SEE THE MAIN HIOME PAGE ON THE WEBSITE! – any questions ask beth

As a member you can upgrade or downgrade to silver on request – sometimes you may need more support or less!

Hope this helps

here to help always

B x

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