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How to shift stubborn fat

Much like a paddling pool – if I got a cup and tried to take water out of the corner of the pool I wouldn’t be able to – like fat loss you can’t spot reduce, you can only make a total deficit.

Pay attention to your diet – add more fibre and it will slow the process in the digestive tract and help you to feel fuller for longer, eating more protein (click to see study) will increase satiety and increase your TEF – thermic effect of food, as it takes longer to digest protein than it does for carbs.

Avoid alcohol, my dad was born in a pub and I never saw him drink at home but he liked to go to the pub a couple of nights a week as a social drinker, You only needed to look around the room of the boys he frequented with to see the stereotypical beer bellies – drinking alcohol frequently can increase hip to waist ratio. this study supports this.

Get adequate sleep – we make crappy choices when we are tired and we are more emotional when we are tired, making you more likely to emotionally eat. Your metabolism will work more efficiently when your well rested but so will your drive to eat, it is usually higher when we lose valuable sleep

Track foods – are you seeing a pattern? Perhaps your not getting enough protein or perhaps eating too much despite making healthier choices so your energy intake becomes a energy surplus, your eating more than you need….

Drink enough water – stay hydrated to allow the body to work efficiently.

Reduce stress. – high levels of cortisol can reduce your appetite initially but then signal raging hunger as the moment passes, emotionally led eating can see us over eating

Be patient you may be losing 0.3 per kg of body weight per week and you won’t see anything this week or next week on the scale but keep showing up, most people become bored and turn to food rather than being consistent and patient.

The closer you get to your targets the slower process will be

Remember not perfect – just happier, instagram is often awash with edited photos and we can become fixated on perfection rather than progress.

B xx

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