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Feeling strong is one of the most empowering feelings there is but most importantly it can help to reduce the risk of pain and injury and frailty as we age, reducing the risks of falls.

Increasing strength will increase your FFM – fat free mass, seeing you gain muscle, we naturally atrophy as we age,

Increasing strength will increase bone density reducing the risk of fractures.

Increasing strength means you work through load/resistance through your full range of movement and this cam help joints remain flexible

It will increase muscle size and strength

some other benefits include

• improved confidence – feeling happier in our own abilities and in many cases in our own skin.

• improved mood, lifting weights will help to empower you and allow you to gain further confidence,

•Lower body fat – muscle has a higher metabolic effect than adipose tissue (fat)

• enhanced brain health – especially areas vulnerable to Alzheimers (study here)

• increased energy levels – strength training can improve sleep quality allowing you to feel more energised. exercising will help you to feel more energy not less.

• improved cardiovascular health – improving aerobic capacity as well as lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

• Increase your tdee and improve fat oxidation – increase overall fat burn! (study here)

5 tips to improve strength

Eat enough Carbs, these fuel your work out and if your not adequately fuelling your body you won’t be able to create the intensity you need to continue to challenge yourself to your true working potential.

Take adequate rest – the adaptions happen at rest taking adequate rest allows these changes to occur and allow you to build strength at a safe and sustainable pace.

Include BDF sessions – but otherwise working on push pull and lower body movements including full body workouts and compound movements EG squat, press up, row, and shoulder press.

this is due to the fact that if you hit eg just arms you would saturate that muscles potential of hypertrophy after around 3 different exercises you dont need an hour in the gym doing them, youd have limited returns for what you put in.

Control lifting the weights – avoid lifting using momentum, controlling the eccentric phase will see you slowly increasing and building strength

Work on things you find hard

struggle to lunge ass you are wobbly? start by squatting to help you gain strength bilaterally but after you have improved in confidence and ability and strength aim to challenge yourself in some movements you find tough

or it could be factoring in mobility work or sleep!

hope this helps


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