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What do I take?

to be honest having Idris I haven’t taken anything for almost three years but I have taken creatine in the past, vitamin d and fish oil, id also recommend turmeric in foods, and perhaps glucosamine for joints and magnesium as it can help if you have any inflammation,

I will be taking creatine soon, all data points to creatine having no impact in pregnancy or breast feeding and actually positive effects but I need 100 proof when it comes to my Idris so decided to just focus on my health needs once he stops bfeeding (15 months in) and I’m keen to delve into creatine soon.

Why Creatine?

Creatine monohydrate is a supplement you can have in tablet form or as granules you mix with water and consume.

It increases performance in short duration and high intensity work/exercise.

Its a amino acid but doesn’t make protein, (you’d find it naturally in things like beef or fish) you make it in your own body naturally, to top up the relatively small amounts, meats eaters will have more compared to veggies and vegans and how much you have stored already will dictate how much you feel the difference from supplementing creatine.

We make it naturally within the body but you’d have to consume a considerable amount of meat to match the amount you can find within a creatine supplement and this level of creatine in the body is perfectly safe, to increase my creatine levels in food it would take a lot more calories and a lot more money and be almost impossible to achieve compared to what you can source in a creatine supplement.

Those with MS should be recommended it (if you know anyone then I would) and those with depression, fatigue or CFS = chronic fatigue syndrome.

95 % of creatine is stored in skeletal muscle

This supplement is easy to take, cheap and effective

How does it work?

If you have had pt or listened to me chat – youll notice I talk about training systems

You can for example run for perhaps 30 mins

sprint for 8 seconds before you slow

do less than 10 push ups before you can’t generate enough strength to overcome the work it takes you to push your weight off the floor. – we can work on this but add a band, a weight jacket, elevate your legs, its that hard all over again.

When you take creatine – your body converts it into creatine phosphate which is then generated into ATP (a energy carrying molecule) the full name of this is ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE it’s what your body uses for explosive exercise, enabling your body to produce energy rapidly.

How safe is it

very safe, there’s just limited studies on everything in pregnancy due to the very nature of pregnancy but the overall consensus in science is its safe to take this supplement. It’s the most researched supplement there is and every study gives it glowing benefits and very little negatives other than not eat to take the tablets, and you’ll see a shift on the scale. Very rarely some people have reported cramping but this could be pre workout, cutting out bread or other reasons that cause cramping, in the large most people have no side effects. However it’s not a supplement for kids, its for over 18s. Not enough studies on a growing child rather than a adult.

Muscle growth

You won’t bulk up but it will aid in muscle growth but you’ll also store some water weight within the muscle so don’t be alarmed if you gain 2-4 lbs in the first week of taking it, your muscles retain the water – this can be something we don’t mind! Creatine doesn’t contain calories so remember its water weight not fat.

How much should I take?

Follow the packet guidelines but 2 tablets usually or 3-5 g per day.

if you take powder – stir well!

tablets – they are big so a big glug of water to swallow! or 1/2 them.

will it work for me?

unfortunately some people feel no affects others feel a massive affect there’s only one way to find out,

Menopause and creatine?

many studies suggest it improves strength and exercise performance

study here

Many people report a drop in symptoms of the menopause taking creatine, getting enough sleep, weight training, increased movement and a higher protein diet.

Its also found to help cognitive function, memory and attention -reducing brain fog.

If you want to work against sarcopenia, creatine should become your friend.

when to take it?

Before or after exercie

How long should I take it for?

8 weeks

take it for 8 weeks and then 14 days without taking creatine before taking it again if you did this consistently you can take it for unto 5 years before needing to to take a longer break.

Coming off creatine for 2 weeks just enables you to still feel the adaptions and benefits of taking creatine.It will still be in your system but youll be more likely to feel the benefit for a gap.

It will take 2-4 weeks for you to feel it working so take it consistently in that time,

another study here detailing intake

Try my protein, ON or flavoured ones from bulk. 💪

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