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Tips on snacking and having treats

Lets face it we all love a snack, and its important you factor snacks and treats into your life without demonising them as being bad or making you failure because you had a piece of birthday cake of even that you fell off the wagon, remember there is no wagon only life…

I have had times in my life I haven’t been able to leave the biscuit tin alone, finishing a pack of viennese whirls in one sitting or a whole pack of popcorn to myself because I felt like I couldn’t stop.

Ive also had times in my life ive had treats – an ice cream on holiday I remember having and then telling myself off in my head for a good hour or so afterwards, telling myself I couldn’t, shouldn’t, let my self down and generally just had a very rigid and unhealthy approach to losing fat.

I learnt that having treats does make me happy sometimes but equally gorging on food at say a party and eating for the sake of it makes me feel horrendous.

Slowly reducing sugary snacks is key rather than go cold turkey. 1-2 biscuits rather than the pack right!

Having a piece of fruit and greek yogurt rather than highly processed options or just having a pudding to share with my hubby rather than have the whole thing….

Celebrating happy times remembering you don’t need to eat everything on the party table for eg to have a good time.

Being consistent and aiming for a 80/20 approach…

take a look at some of these snacks as ideas to incopeate protein when having a little bite between meals

Its not when you eat that’s important with fat loss but the total amount – eat less than you need you will create a deficit and lose fat and eat more than you burn youll gain fat.

therefore remember not to splurge too much on snacks but dont feel you have to cut them out either…

snack ideas here

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