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Ways to see progress that is not the scale

1 -Clothes, how they fit and how you feel in them.

2 Photos, they show how our body is adapting and the shapes we develop

3 -Stronger, perhaps 1 full rep or 1 min plank instead of 15 seconds.

3 Less pain – lower back pain, knee pain or other, but creating more stability and mobility will usually help with pain and restriction

4 Mindset.- no longer just looking at the scale or restricting foods with a all or nothing approach.

5.. Sex with the lights on – hahaha hey yes I said it.

6 A stronger cardivascuar system – a lower blood pressure, stronger heart with increased cardiac output and resting heart rate.

7 Less risk of a broken hip as we age, the risk to death increases so much more with a break to the hip as we age, we want to offset osteoporosis

8. Increased Pelvic floor health and core stability, Lets cut sales in Tena.

9. Eating better and exercise will help reduce the risk of disease, diabetes type 2, stroke, heart disease, high cholesterol, help menopause symptoms. Cutting the risk of metabolic syndrome

10 Less anxiety, stress or helping to positively impact low mood and even depression. Improving mental wellbeing

Let me know what you would add to this list! 🙂

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