Mel Pugh

I signed up with Bethan for her online package just before lockdown. This has seen many people and businesses forced to change the way they deliver their service and Bethan did not disappoint! 

Living over a hour away the online course is a perfect solution for me to work with Bethan and over the last few months has adapted to provide the very best service to clients like myself. 

Bethan is the 100 percent the best person to help me reach my fitness goals. 

If your hesitant about online training then don’t be there are a choice of programmes which can be tailored to your ability, needs and budget and you won’t feel alone, with the support and encouragement and interaction you receive from Bethan but from the whole community of like minded men and women. 

Dannie Richards

Looking at photos of me from 7 years ago to now I’ve seen a huge change.

I was really unhappy and didn’t eat well and didn’t exercise.

I met Beth while attending the Gym and attended on of her classes and I really gained in self confidence and then since starting her online plans, I have really changed not only how I see myself but I have improved my relationship with food, so still have days I don’t feel good about myself but Beth continues to be there to help me to see the progress I’ve made and to support me and me help me to get back on track.

I am of course looking forward to the remainder of the plan I’m on and will be joining the next one and see what more positive changes are to come 💪🏻


Laura Chapman

Starting with Beth is one of the best things I’ve done. I feel the best that I have ever felt in myself since having two children. I love having the amazing workouts to do at home when it’s convenient for me.

Beth is so approachable and supportive and also knows when to give you a good pep talk! Exactly what you want in a trainer.

Bex Willis

What can I say the support that Beth gives is fantastic, she’s a motivator for sure! Started my fitness journey back in April when we were in lockdown. I absolutely love the mix of cardio and strength fitness, I always thought to lose weight and gain muscle you needed to workout everyday and eat healthy but that’s not the case it’s completely balanced and as much as I’ve still got my own demons to beat having Beth as my trainer I feel so much happier in myself and I look forward to continuing working with her and the fitness family! I am happy with my journey so far but more excited for the future! Definitely found my happy place. ‘The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen!


I started the program with the aim to tone up but as I progressed it became so much more than that! My confidence is building every day and my body and mind feel great, it’s affected every part of me in a positive way. The support from Beth has been great and the other girls in the programme are always supportive and I feel like we are a little fitness fam.