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A programme where you can exercise from home at a time that works for you and your lifestyle.

Having access to a community group Bethandaviesfitnessfamily Is a great way to source help and to encourage and motivate each other.

Having accountability and motivation from a trainer, that is affordable, enjoyable and works, proven by my fitfam and their amazing transformations.

Guidance with mindset, nutrition and lifestyle – so many of us have had unhealthy relationships with food and the scales, feeling like a failure and dealing with constant disappointment.

I help to break this cycle and help you feel happier and healthier without starving yourself and learning to appreciate yourself for what you can achieve without punishing yourself.

  • weekly check ins with myself
  • group sessions that are performed independently wherever and whenever – working on becoming fitter, stronger and happier within ourselves
  • limited to 40 people per intake

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