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Gold Plan MEMBERS read this bit

Now as a gold member you get ALL the silver parts of the program

Access to live sessions* access to live stream sessions, weekly (bi weekly for silver members) check in via what’s app or your gold BDF APP – whatever you prefer to use.

*found on this website under live stream link in the password protected fitness family area or find in the private Facebook group BDFITNESS


You are here but the address is https://bethandaviesfitness.com/my-fitness-family/

The fifamily area membership for this website for silver members to access this area is given when members purchase a silver membership so if you spot silver anywhere dont panic you are a gold member and have gold access. Beth will have sent you a link on the app to change your password so you can enter the fitness family area.

Gold also has a personalised app where you can track workouts, progress, photos, everything as well as find your training plans.

You can also message Beth on the app and she will get back to you asap! This could be help with form, to being honest and telling me you ate the ben and Jerrys.

I pay closer attention to gold members progress as I see everything you enter onto the app so I can see food choices, if you got the session marked off etc

However gold or silver members I ask everyone to comment/mark sessions as DONE!

Any questions on how to access anything on the app then message Beth but check your dash – things to do today or click the kettlebell icon on the bottom of the page this will take you to your training plan.

to see your week ahead click the calendar.

If perhaps on the dash it says things to do today – and you are to do perhaps a pilates follow through session you access that by clicking workouts on the fitness family member area or by doing in real time via the live stream link (you tube or Facebook) the timetable for each week is found on the information hub but I am going to add this to the website asap for those of you that dont use Facebook!

Please check what I have programmed for you on the gold BDF APP you activated on sign up and click on the work out



and the app will say 3 2 1 and then your work out will appear.

Hope this helps!


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