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How to keep progressing

Dips in progress??

Want to make the very best progress??

Let me break it down and give you some tips

Things you should do at the start of this block

1 – take a photo.

I ask my gold members to do this –

Its a great way to see slow progress and see changes even when the scale slows.

2 – weigh yourself if your weight isnt trending down and its fat loss you want

Then you need to look at food intake

More protein

Mindful of carbs – especially those laden with fats.

Look to add lots of healthy fibre,

starchy carbs and limit sugary foods –

Fruit your ok but be mindful of fizzy drinks, cakes, biscuits, sugars, honey, spreads even full fat milk can stack up.

Meals –

Stack macros around a protein source


Chicken breast, avocado, peppers, tomato. Whatever you like and a wrap

Salmon, bagel and cream cheese

Egg, cheese, mushrooms – omelette

Beef , coconut milk, tamarind paste

– curry

But ensure your thinking about protein

It will help your muscles repair🩹

It will aid hypertrophy 💪 (muscle growth)

It will burn more calories – it takes more calories to digest this is known as a increase to TEF

(thermic effect of food)

It will help keep you satiated 🤰

Food baby, 🤣

3 dont stick with the 2 kg dumbelles forever

Eg –

Todays session was 3 x 10 reps (roughly) x 3

At the end of the second set I think my shoulders were going to burst with latic

Try the fitst set with 7s then drop to 5 if you need to then 5

Dont automatically reach for the same weight

Ask santa for a heavier set or get a heavier band (black) to

4 –

Listen to the progressions

The first round you might be able to use some and then modify

But a little tweak like lengthening a lever

Or adding in a pausr can make it super tough so that you are close to failure by the last set.


Dont think you know it all

Ive been lifting weights for 18 years..

I am still finding things i didnt know.

I am still keen to learn

Dont switch off as perhaps i do after ilI read page one of the instructions

Then im like me do it 🙈

That’s why I put things together wrong or it doesnt work like its meant to.

I can help put it together i just dont like instructions – dont ask me why.

Being honest id rather buy it fully assembled ✌️

But there’s still game changing articles or mindset challanges you can benefit from however long you have been a

Member for.


Ask for help

Ah if I stand at the back of beths class she wont see my face when she says lunges – wrong im looking but im willing you on

If I dont check in because im on a downer and not done anything this week then thats best – no this is when i need support from my coach.


Be patient

Progress will show very quickly as a beginner and then slow.

Dont underestimate the power of consistency and the effect it has.


Dont understimate your sleep

If you dont fuel a car with petrol as it runs low it will stutter, shake and cause damage to the engine

If you let batterys on a toy run low it will malfunction, and not be able to fulfill its task.

Your the same

You will train with less intensity

Your drive to eat will increase

Youll be more prone to injury

Progress – growth and repair will be affected.


As a beginner you can do things inconsistently and still feel and see progress

As a longer term exerciser

You will get less return

You will need to keep at it

You will need to dial in your diet – perhaps track to see what your maintance calories are and be stricter about what you eat

You will need to be consistent

Its not always adding in another session or walking 40,000 steps either sometimes you’ll see progress ensuring you factor in recovery.


Contemplate taking supplements

Vitamin D –

Make up for the lack of sun

Whey /plant protein – get protein in a easy and convenient way.

Creatine – aids intensity so that you can feel you can push more in sessions

See the articles on the website

Fot more in depth info on

✅ protein

✅ supplements

✅ tdee!

Covering your questionsI had via email this evening ❤️ (and touching on these points too)

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