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Protein – The basics you need to know

Protein is also a Macronutrient ( fats, carbs, and alcohol make up the other three)

Its energy value is 4 cals per gram

As a guide id like you as regular exercisers that lift weights to consume 1.6 grams per kg of bodyweight or just by focusing on upping the amount you have, most new members sit at about 30-40 g per day.

Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

It is literally the building block of life and found within every cell within the body. There are 20 different kinds of amino acids, each amino acid has a very different and unique role within the body, our bodies are able to make 11 of these proteins within the body but then 9 of them we must obtain from food.

they are –

Leucine – muscle goowth

Lysine – collegen production

Isoleucine -blood clotting and muscle repair

Methionine – antioxidant

Threonine – bone and cartilage formation.

Phenylalanine – hormone production for stress and relexation

Tryptophan – helps produce serotonin – happy hormone and induce sleep.

Histidine – develop and maintain healthy tissues

Valine – helps prevent muscle breakdown and removes excess proteins to the liver

Proteins as you can see have a valuable role within the body

• Repairs and rebuilds (grows) body tissue

• Act as a energy source – (we dont want this though)

• helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails

• boost your immune system

• Tones builds muscle!

You want to eat a diet that has a wide range of amino acid profiles, so if your a meat eater please do try and ensure you have adequate plant proteins, and if your a vegetarian or vegan aim to include a wide range of plant protein sources.

Protein will help you keep you full as it offers a high level of satiety and you should aim to eat 20-30 grams of protein at each meal, if your a vegan just aim to consciously eat more if that seems unattainable as its very hard to hit high levels of protein when your a vegan due yo the high levels of protein found in animal sources – meat and dairy.

Meat sources

• chicken (skinless)

• steak, mince or. joint,

• pork chop (grilled)

• Turkey – mince, steak.

• lamb chop (grilled)

• fish – grilled salmon, baked cod, tuna in spring water, grilled mackerel, cooked prawns, cooked mussels, canned crab.

• Eggs – boiled, scrambled, hard boiled, poached or brought/dried egg whites

Dairy – cottage cheese, cream cheese, low fat yogurt, greek yogurt, halo ice cream, cheddar, reduced fat cheddar, halloumi, whole, semi and skimmed milk.

Plant sources

• Legumes – check peas, lentils, peanuts, peas, beans, black beans, lima beans green peas.broad beans, soy beans*

• Beans – baked beans edamame, and tofu* *dried soybean.

• Nuts* – cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, nut butters *high in calories!

• Seeds – chia, sesame, hemp, flax , pumpkin and even quinoa – yes its a seed of the goosefoot plant.

• Veggies (youll need to consume a lot of broccoli to get close to a protein shake so bear in mind volume to protein ratio) Broccoli, Avocado

• Grains – Oats, Brown rice (if you dont like brown rice then dont have it!) bread white/brown, pasta, wheat flour.

Try and build your meals around protein and then add the carbs and fibre to you plate with a little splash of healthy fats for it to be optimal.


• Whey Protein – this is the liquid that separates from the curd when making cheese (contains lactose)•

• Whey isolate – filtered to remove more fats and carbs

• Casein – like whey its found in milk but its much more slowly digested and many individuals take it before bed as its a more gradual exposure to protein but it tastes thicker and is a acquired taste.

• Plant protein – a mixture of some of the veggie proteins below

• Pea Protein – made from the yellow split pea

• Hemp protein – it however isn’t a complete source as it has very low levels of lysine and leucine.

• Brown rice protein – again this one is low in lysine so not a complete source

Marvellous Protein is a local brand and im always keen to support local business, I have tasted their protein powder which is a hemp and pea mix and I really have to say I enjoyed it. Many vegan protein powders (just pea protein for example – can be pretty bad) but this company offer a trial size pack and also a discount for members this will change over time but at the minute quote BETHAN-FITNESS as I have secured a 15% discount for our community. Just tag both me and them on your social media if you approve!

Hope this allows you to understand why I want you to up your protein.

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